our governing principles


Well Dressed

When we meet in group, members are required to dress in a full and tailored suit - complete with fastened neckwear and dress shoes. Although highly recommended, the suit does not have to be custom made. If a suit is an off-the-rack purchase, then it must be tailored to a proper and slim fit. Three piece suits are preferred, but not required. Suiting separates are allowed.


Well Mannered

The suit maketh not the man. Our club expects each of it's members to be exemplary men, who exude the following attributes:

Who We Are 

Kind, Honest, Friendly, Humble, Hardworking, Polite, Chivalrous, Respectful, Honorable, Considerate, Proper, Upstanding, Gentlemanly, Loyal, Noble, Giving, Charitable, Generous, Bighearted, Charming Attentive, Go Getters, Cultured, Tasteful, Intelligent, Sophisticated, Refined, Helpful, Coy, Dandy, Influential, Admirable

Who We Are Not 

Pretentious, Snobby, Obnoxious, Hooligans, Condescending, Arrogant, Intoxicated, Offensive, Loud, Rude, Inappropriate, Foulmouthed, Technology Distracted

Simply put...we are the 'door-holders'; we are not the 'cat-callers'.


Well Doers

We place a heavy focus on helping others. Our intent is to not only look good and be good, but to actually do good. Two of the four required events per year must be charitable in nature.




There are currently no
Membership dues
Chapter dues


Club Details:

Members Only
Gentlemen Only
21 +
Approval Required


Event Requirements: 

Minimum of Four Events Per Year
Held In Visually Appealing Spaces
Two Events To Be Of The Charitable Nature
Professionally Photographed
Professionally Filmed Encouraged


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